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The benefits of ordination are separated into two categories.

Direct benefits.

1.For people who no longer suffer from desire or lust, and have become an Arahant, they will receive the benefits as follows:

        a)All of your old suffering from the past will disappear

        b)The new suffering that might happen, has no chance to give its retribution because you have banished craving from your life

        c) You will become a model of good conduct and moral fiber for all those in your community

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    The main purpose of ordaining is to free yourself from worldly commitments and worries so that you may Have the opportunity fully to commit yourself to meditation and breaks away from the shackles of desire so that you may find true happiness.

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Ordination Traditions during the Time of the 'Buddha

In the early Buddhists era, all of Lord Buddha's disciples were monks, without any novices, when young Prince Siddhattha was ordained, his ordination was referred to as "lower ordination" (pabbajja), a term which nowadays is used to refer to novices who were ordained. However, he was already too old to be considered a novice. From the time Lord Buddha allowed novices to be ordained, the ordination of monks became known as higher ordination or {upasampada).
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The Importance of Ordination

would like to begin my talk to-day by first asking you all one simple question. Ask yourself, up to the present day, what is it that you want most in Life? Alternatively, what is it that you are seeking?

I have asked this question many times before, and the answer has always been the same. We are all looking for happiness. All of us here today seek a way to true happiness.

When I ask whether anyone has found the happiness that we are all searching for, many people reply 'yes'. Nevertheless, upon closer examination, when asked to truly think about their answer, most will hesitate to say that what they have found is true happiness. This is because the happiness that many of us experience in life is only momentary. It is not true happiness. For true happiness is completely free of suffering. Moreover, although we spend our lives searching for it, we have not yet found our true happiness.

Whether we live one lifetime, or ten thousand lifetimes, without the wisdom of Lord Buddha, we will never find true happiness. There are some groups of people, who believe that worldly pleasures bring true happiness, but this is not true.

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